The Elephant Store


Who We Are

The Elephant Project has developed an innovative corporate/non-profit approach to foster new dynamic and humane economies which will create sustainable revenue streams for elephant protection and related conservation efforts based on free market principles. These revenue streams will fund solutions that address the short and long-term needs of elephants, the communities in which they live, their environment, and by extension, other imperiled species - fostering an environment where a protected elephant is worth more than a dead one.

The Idea

As part of our free and fair market approach, The Elephant Project established The Elephant Store, a retail operation which will sell products made in countries dedicated to elephant protection, which will support the growth of a humane economy within those countries.


Our Products

The Elephant Store will sell goods created by local artisans and industries in countries working to protect elephants. We will work to expand existing industries and help create new ones, encourage entrepreneurship, and promote new products and services that will sustain a humane economy.


The 100% Difference

The Elephant Store will give 100% of the profits generated by our retail operations back to elephant conservation programs. This is in contrast to retail companies that sell elephant-themed merchandise and give an average of 10% of their profits to elephant protection efforts.